Cortec – Total Corrosion Control

At American Export/WSI Packing and Crating, all packaging and crating solutions that we offer utilize Cortec – the premier component for ensuring all products and materials are properly preserved against corrosion for air, ocean and land shipping. Cortec is the perfect packing solution that allows for high performance protection of all parts, equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and structures for short or long-term transit and/or storage. There are multiple packaging options that can be used depending on the type of cargo being shipped such as coated papers, impregnated foams, extruded films, cushions, emitter devices, inserts, and even custom designs. No matter which method is required, unmatched performance and uncompromising protection is assured. Additionally, Cortec’s packaging solutions conform to international, government, military, and corporate shipping specifications. For the best in corrosion control of your metal parts, materials and devices, Cortec and American Export is your safest choice!

For more information on what Cortec offers, you can view a detailed PDF here.

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